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Our Brand

Hi! We are Skin North.

Skin North focuses on helping you achieve blemish-free skin by offering clinically proven skincare products that are gentle on all skin. Our skincare products aim to manage subclinical skin conditions and let your skin feels refreshed. 

Skin North symbolises flawless skin; skin that is supple and youthful. Look closely at our logo; you will notice the Direction of Travel Arrow (arrow on a compass). We want to point you in the right direction in discovering your skin. Skin North is your one true north to impeccable skin.

Our skincare products are formulated for all ages and a variety of skin type and conditions. We worked closely with medical experts to better understand various skin needs. Therefore, allowing us to provide different solutions. All products are clinically tested and proven to be effective in managing subclinical skin conditions and also serve as step-down care after medical treatments.